Dutch national station NPO said, after the introduction of Apple TV 4rd generation (loosely translated):

We are of course keeping an eye on new technologies, but won’t offer an Apple TV app on a short term. The market for such apps is (at this time) too small and developing an app will cost a lot. Also, Airplay is good enough.

Not only do I think this statement was premature, but I also simply think it makes no sense at all. Let me tell you why.

Apple TV, since the introduction of its App Store, has become a whole new platform. Sure, you can hook up your iPhone to the Apple TV and mirror its display, but that’s a whole other experience than the native apps it offers.

Not only will mirroring be limited to, well, mirroring, but it will also disconnect you from the Apple TV experience. No easy switching between mirroring and another app, no notifications during mirroring, no Siri (although that is another issue).

It’s just not good enough. Sure, it needs no (extra) development, money or time. But it lacks experience. And isn’t that one of the most important things in the television business? Isn’t it all about the experience?

So please, please, please businesses: think about your users. Think about new technologies. Don’t seek alternatives or workarounds. Embrace the future. Invest. Or, after carefully considering something, explain why you made maybe not so welcome choice.

But definitely don’t jump to conlusions. Don’t try estimating things you can’t.